Flexible & All Time Zones
$399 Per Month - Full time

- Hourly/ Weekly/ Monthly Pricing
- Carry Forward Unused Hours
- Affordable/ Professional
- Free Dedicated Account Manager

Excellent Hiring/ Training Policy. 15 days Free Trial

Let discuss how Crotonz will improve your business.


Full-Time Staffers $3.00 per hour
Full-Time Staffers - Monthly Hiring $399 per Month/ 160 Hours a Month
Part-Time Staffers - Weekly Hiring $119 per week/ 40 Hours a week
Hours can be scheduled in any manner that fits your needs.
We will get trained in your tools and process for 15 days
Those training period ( 15 days ) is absolutely free for you
Our Employees are highly skilled, they will adapt your tools, process and business very quickly, Unless we get trained, you will NOT be charged
There are no long-term contracts. We work month-to-month.
There are no set-up fees.
A full time Crotonz Employee vs. an additional staffer at $8.75/hr (just $1 over minimum wage) can save you over $1,000 per month. In fact, you could hire a team of Four full-time Crotonz Employees and still not reach what one additional in-house employee would cost you.
That is not counting the costs of hiring, training and integrating a new staffer. Nor does it take into account the cost of attrition, or HR liabilities.

Let discuss how Crotonz will improve your business.