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Boost Your Services With Crotonz

Labor is expensive. Having your staff waste time answering basic questions hurts your income. With Crotonz our very low cost flat rate fees can significantly save you money and time. This allows your company to be more efficient.

Outsource, Sit back and Relax

With Crotonz your business is now opened 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

By providing your clients and potential clients the immediate ability to chat with a real person gives the client the information needed and stops them from additional web searches.


Before we hire an employee, we look for the following skill sets:

Friendly, highly-trained professionals

Before we hire a Employee, we look for the following skill sets:

  • Somebody able to accurately type fast and analyze.
  • Somebody who is a quick learner that wants to learn more.
  • Somebody who likes to help and most importantly, somebody who can keep their cool no matter how heated the situation is.

Once found, out Employees are trained in your application - and most importantly, your business. This expensive and time-consuming formal training works and provides you the best results for capturing a lead, or supporting an existing client.

Better Customer Service

We define better customer service as being able to quickly response to a client's request.

The answer or solution may not be immediate but we try to start chat communication quickly. This gives the client the sense that you care and that you want to help them. This creates a trust relationship that leads to more business.

Simple NO hidden prices!

Our pricing plan is one of the lowest in the industry.

Unlike some of our competitors, We do not hide the price. We do not have extra fee and do not charge you Extra.

We offer a flexible pricing options sized for your business needs.

Take a look at our Pricing Page today.

US Based Company

We are a India Corporation. We have been in business since 2009. Our business is technology and business service. We have been working on a live communications solution for many years. With Crotonz, we know we have achieved this.

In addition to superior and US-located secured technologies, we know the key for success is to provide our clients proper Employees that are well trained.

There are many companies providing our services. You need to work with a US company that understands the needs of a US/CA and global clients.

We can also assist you with many other technology and business services, including Web Design and Creation / Mobile Apps / SEO / Digital Marketing / Email Blasts /Data Entry / Technology Product and support.

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