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Content Moderation

Looking for an expert content moderator in the India? Or planning to grow your team of content moderators and managers? Here’s what you need to know before you make your first hire…

As the size of your social media following grows, moderating your page’s content becomes incredibly time-consuming. Your customers are using social media 24/7 to contact your business, whether that’s to post questions, send direct messages, post comments or share photos.

No doubt you’ve got to the point where your in-house marketing people can’t keep up with the traffic by themselves, but you’ve found the cost of employing content moderators onshore is prohibitive.

One simple way to manage the 24-hour constant stream of posts – in an affordable way – is to outsource content moderation and hire a skilled content moderator in the India.

A content moderator’s role is to:

  • Maintain the reputation of your business
  • Promote a strong and positive community for your brand
  • Reply to customer questions on your social media posts, blogs and forums
  • Protect your social media page’s users from inappropriate content or harassment
  • Use software to monitor content for certain words or image types, then make human judgments about the content
  • Determine if a user’s post meets the guidelines of the platform and the group
  • Remove offensive posts, offensive language, and spam comments.

The common types of user-posted content that content moderators review are:

  • Facebook posts and comments, including video, images and text
  • Instagram images, stories and text
  • YouTube videos
  • Forum posts
  • Product or service reviews
  • Shared or linked articles in social media posts
  • Blog comments.

The more content your business produces across its platforms, the more comments, replies and links you’ll need to monitor. In fact, in an active and thriving online community, your engagement could add up to many thousands of posts each day, all of which need to be monitored. So if you’re finding your onshore solution isn’t up to this high-volume demand, it might be time to outsource your content moderation to the India.

Let discuss how Crotonz will improve your business.